Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kukeri, Take II

Last weekend I headed down to Razlog once again. Here are some snapshots from the weekend. Enjoy!

Grandma, people just keep giving me money.

International Kukeri Festival.
Razlog, Bulgaria.

Babas. The hardest working and
most awesome people in Bulgaria.

Catching a breather. I think those masks and costumes can be heavy.

More babas. 

Entering the parade ground (the city center).

A huge Kukeri mask.

I see you.

Some of the cooler Kukeri masks.

This guy was part of the Macedonia Kukeri troupe.
Theirs was more like carnivale, but really great nonetheless.
Hopefully I am headed to Macedonia with some volunteers in mid-March.

The award for most intricate and most colorful costumes goes to Yambol.

гайда (gaida): bagpipe

More from Yambol.
Every Kukeri member wears bells. When they jump together it sounds great, like a chorus.
When they jump independent of one another it sounds like the cacophony
of cow bells at a cyclocross race.

That night we went out and happened upon a men's volleyball match between
Plovdiv (guests) and Pirin (home). Pirin won in comeback fashion three games to two.
I think it is safe to say that we got the best seats in the house. What a view.
Go Pirin!

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